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My first website...

I started working on this project in late 2023. It was really hard to learn how to do a website ( at least for me ). With my prior unfinished projects, it feels amazing to finally launch this website. But it wasn't just about learning to create a website. It's also about becoming a writer...

When I was in high school, I had great grades when it came to writing. Little issue though... It was in french! For those of you who might not know, french is my first language. We learned some english in school but nobody in my life talked in english. I learned from video games and tv shows like lost and south park. Not only do I have to become a good writer, I'm also doing it in my second language!

There is a good reason why I didn't choose french. I want to reach the eyes and the ears of as many people as I can. It just makes more sense in english if I want to connect with more people. I didn't want to stream in french. Same goes for this website!

What lead me to making a website

I like creating content. When it comes to streaming, it's amazing to bring entertainment and knowledge to people watching. I want to bring more attention to what I'm doing. I want to share these methods of goldmaking that people either forget about or never knew existed.

I started by doing videos on Youtube. As much as I adore this platform, making videos that I can be proud of takes me a very long time to make. I have hundreds of ideas for videos. The problem was the logistics. If I can barely release one video per month, it will take me over 8 years to release 100 of my ideas. On top of that, lots of ideas are time sensitive. If you have an idea late in a patch for a current content gold farm and it takes me a month to make the video, by the time you release it, it's too late!

It was extremely stressful to have a deadline for releasing certain videos. I'm already stressed naturally from the little things to the big things. Being bipolar surely doesn't help with that. I can't tell you how many video projects I started and never finished. Even when I did finish a project, the amount of stress felt during the process of creating the videos would overwhelm me. To be able to release this website is probably one of my biggest accomplishments!

Since Youtube was too slow to release everything I wanted to release, I looked at having a blog. It didn't look "too" complicated to create a website ( turns out it really can be lol ). Still needed to see if I could write a decent article. It took me a while but the more I wrote, the better I got. Turns out I'm starting to really enjoy writing. Hopefully, you will see that in my articles!

What's to expect from the website

I don't currently have a solid schedule for releasing articles. If I can maintain 1 or 2 articles per month, I would be very happy. You have to understand that being bipolar, I'm always in a state where I could not write articles for a while.

As far as monetization, the plan is to monetize through Patreon and ads. If I get enough support on Patreon, I will disable the ads The main goal is not to make money, but just like everyone, it's nice to get something extra out of the work you do and it enables the ability to do this more often.

With all of that said, thank you for visiting the website! To not miss an article, make sure to sign up to the newsletter! You can also click here for all the goldmaking articles.

Happy goldmaking!

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