My story

I started content creation on youtube in 2015. Back then, I would do Hearthstone videos with a potato computer. I used windows movie maker to edit. Youtube was my first taste at making content and it filled me with excitement. To reach so many people across the world was mesmerizing. When I uploaded videos, adrenaline would consume me ( still does today ). The possibilities and the impact of content creation on the people that share my passion for video games would fuel my grinds to create content.

In 2017, I started streaming on twitch. Twitch is such a unique experience. You meet random humans across the globe that share your passion for your favorite game. Start a discussion, get trolled, group up or challenge each other. I always tell people that they should start streaming because you really meet the best people ( and also the worst lol ). I streamed over 5000 hours on twitch and I regret nothing. My life outside twitch just wasn't as nice. Twitch brought me out of my loneliness and it created this addiction. I once streamed 371 hours in one month. That's 12 hours a day for 31 days in a row. Streaming can definitely turn into an addiction. On one side, you talk to people, you play games with them and viewers cheer for you. On the other side, you live in a basement with very little light and you haven't seen the outside in weeks.

My mental health was horrible during those years ( diagnosed with bipolar disorder ). These emotional swings would bring me to being devastated when people didn't like what I was creating. Even when viewers would like my content, I would get overexcited which would lead to burnout. I'm glad to say that it's now been over 2 years that my mental health is amazing. I've been working extremely hard to get there. I'm the best version of myself to date.

Now that I'm feeling so much better, here we are creating a goldmaking website. Never thought I would write about goldmaking. There is so many things I have to say about goldmaking and doing it in the video form would take forever. Really hoping people will enjoy what I write. I know I will absolutely love sharing it.

Let's see where this takes us. I would like to thank you for consuming my content <3

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