World of Warcraft gold with Blood of Sargeras in 2024

World of Warcraft gold making. This legion bind on pickup material is still worth your time. Learn everyone about it in this article!


4/20/20248 min read

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What is Blood of sargeras?

You might be wondering why I'm writing about this very old item that you can't sell on the auction house. Let me tell you! Blood of sargeras is a bind on pickup item that was introduced in the legion expansion. At the moment of writing this post, I am making over 500 gold for each blood of sargeras ( average being around 800-1000 ) . So how do I do it?

Legion professions

By itself, blood of sargeras isn't sellable on the auction house. However, you can craft desirable items using the bloods. Here are the items you can craft with them :

1- Chatterstone. This is a jewelcrafting toy. You can obtain the recipe through legion questing. It requires 1 blood of sargeras.

2- Steelbound harness. This is a blacksmithing mount. You can obtain the recipe from Tichondrius in the nighthold raid. It requires 50 bloods of sargeras.

3- Leylight Brazier. This is an enchanting toy. The recipe is obtained from legion questing. You will need 5 bloods of sargeras to craft it.

4- Mecha-bond imprint matrix. This is an engineering hunter item. Every class can craft it but only hunters can use it. It allows hunters to tame mechanical pets. You can obtain the recipe from a vendor in Dalaran in exchange for 1 curious coin. You can obtain these coins from legion content fairly easily. It requires 20 bloods to craft.

5- Trigger. This is an engineering crafted pet. You can get the recipe from legion questing. Making this pet will cost you 50 bloods of sargeras

You can also craft transmog items with bloods. However, I wouldn't recommend doing so. With these 5 items, you'll be very busy at getting bloods.

Now which item should you choose to craft? To determine that, I've made a tool you can use to see which item gives you the most gold per blood on your server. To open the tool, click on the image below.

Blood of sargeras dataBlood of sargeras data
blood of sargeras world quest
blood of sargeras world quest
Bloods of sargeras legion mission table
Bloods of sargeras legion mission table

What you need to do is enter the prices from your server in the yellow cells ( in the D column ). In the bright green cells, you'll see how much gold you can make from each blood of sargeras. These include the auction house cut. In the last column, you can see the tsm regionsaleavg.

For better understanding, a sale rate of 0.01 means the item sells 1% of the time it is posted. On average, you would need to post the item 100 times to sell it ( according to the data gathered from tsm users ). The mecha-bond imprint matrix has a 0.059 sale rate which means it will sell 5.9% of the times it is posted. You would need to post the item about 17 times to sell it.

How to decide what to craft?

In the image showcasing the tool, i entered the prices from my realm. On my server, I craft Chatterstone, Leylight brazier and mostly the mecha-bond imprint matrix. My best item is by far the mecha-bond imprint matrix because of the nice sale rate. I really aim at the highest gold per blood but that might not be your case. You might be looking for faster sales which means, the Steelbound harness would be your best bet. On the other side, if you don't have a lot of time to farm the bloods of sargeras, you might want to go for Chatterstone or Leylight Brazier which requires less bloods. Trigger is the worst of both world. Bad gold per blood and bad sale rate. However, if you have thousands of bloods, it is worth considering!

How to obtain bloods?

There is 3 main ways of obtaining bloods:

1- Legion world quests

2- Legion mission table

3- Legion dungeons and raids

Unlocking legion world quests

If you do not have access to legion world quests, there is a way to unlock them. You need to get to friendly reputation with the main factions of legion. If you have done this on an alt, simply go to Khadgar in Dalaran at the violet citadel and get the quest : "Uniting the isles". You can turn in it instantly and you'll have access to the world quest on that character.

This will not unlock all of the legion world quests. To unlock the broken shore world quests ( usually the best for bloods ), you need to get the quest "Armies of legionfall" from Khadgar again but the one near the flight path in Dalaran. Follow the questline ( you can skip the scenario if you have done it before ) and you will now have access to all world quests that can give bloods ( Argus world quests don't give bloods so you don't need to unlock it ).

What to expect from world quest?

World quests vary from 1 to 10 bloods. Legion world quests are usually extremely short. In a world where a blood is worth 500 gold and that a one minute world quest can give you up to 10, that could mean 5000 gold for one world quest. Sometimes, there won't be any. Other times, there will be 5 or 6. I mostly do all of the world quests that give 3 or more bloods.

You can min-max this by having tons of alts with the recipes. When a world quest has a certain amount of bloods, you do it on all your alts to get a ton of bloods. I would highly prioritize mages as you can teleport to their class halls. In their class halls, they have portals to all legion zones. Definitely not mandatory as we now have dynamic flying, but a nice perk. Doing world quests is also essential if you want to use the second method...

Legion mission table

The legion mission table can be amazing for bloods. You can get up to 12 bloods from one mission. However, missions costs order hall resources to be sent. To get the maximum value, you'll need to do a lot of questing. There is 3 stages for the legion mission table :

1- Followers at ilvl 900 and below. This will give you missions with a maximum of 6 bloods of sargeras.

2- Followers at ilvl 925. Missions will now reward you with 9 bloods.

3- Followers at ilvl 950. You now get the full 12 bloods per mission.

Since missions costs order hall resources, there is a way to gain more! The elixir of plenty, the curio of abundant happiness and the fruitful bauble are follower equipment that can be used on your combat ally. With those, you get an extra 175 resources from each world quest completed. You can also get a perk from the order hall upgrades for an extra 100 resources for a total of 275 per world quest.

I personally like the legion mission table. It gives other nice things like polished pet charms, marks of honor and some rare missions for toys and pets. It can be a lot of work but it's really fast with my 2 mages!

Legion dungeons and raids.

Every boss from dungeons and raids have a chance to drop bloods. The difficulty usually doesn't matter. There is an herbalism farm in darkheart thicket where you could combine with blood farming. With herbalism and mining, you have a chance to get bloods but since you can't have more than 2 professions, you would have to dump a gathring profession in order to craft items with your bloods.

It's not something that I have tested yet but I do intend to test it on my stream.

Blood trader

Illnea bloodthorn is a vendor in Dalaran that sells items for bloods. If you have bloods on characters that won't craft anything with them, you can get materials like leystone ore to put on the auction house. This will be very bad gold per blood but it's better than nothing. You can also buy transferable order hall ressources to send to your alts.

Shoulder enchant

You can buy the "boon of the bloodhunter" shoulder enchant from the wardens quartermaster. You will need to be Revered to be able to purchase it. Now in the past, you could only use it for a lvl 45 character. Recently, they updates the items to be up to 320 ilvl. I wasn't able to get bloods at level 70. This "could" work if you play a character that gains experience and has the enchant. Probably need to lock your experience as well. This enchant will give you loot bags with blood of sargeras in it.


When you look at the gold per hour, it's usually very high. However, the more you do it, the worse it gets. That's because you can only sell so much of these items. Unless you are working on a ton of servers, you eventually start farming bloods that you can't convert into sales.

With that in mind, I think the healthiest way to make lots of gold with bloods is to only do the best world quests. If you need the legion mission table for marks of honor or other reasons, then probably get the bloods from there as well. As sales are slow but solid, no need to go too hard on this.

Some sales data

In 285 days of selling Chatterstone, i sold 40 of them for an average price of 7800 gold. I posted them 969 times to get those 40 sales. It gives me a sale rate of 0.041. This is an insane gold per blood as the mats are roughly 100g!

The mecha-bond imprint matrix is the other item I sold. In 220 days of selling this item, i sold 58 in 715 posts for a 0.081 sale rate. My average price was 19043 gold. After the auction house cut, it gives me 905 gold per blood. I love this item. Costs a lot of bloods so not many craft it. The recipe is super easy to get. I craft it on 2 different engineers.

I hope you enjoyed my first post on this website! I showcase the bloods often on my twitch. Thanks for reading and make sure to sign-up to the newsletter to receive an e-mail everytime I release a new article. You can also get early access to articles by subscribing on Patreon.

Happy goldmaking!

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