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Here are the Patreon perks:

  • 2 weeks early access to articles

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  • Tsm shopping groups. Ideal for flipping

  • Many goldmaking spreadsheets for professions and more

  • Name at the end of videos on youtube

  • Discord rank ( Based on which Patreon tier you choose )

  • Early access to youtube videos

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To get access to most perks ( excluding early access for videos and articles ), you can also subscribe on my twitch. You can also get those perks for free with twitch channel points. You get those from simply watching the stream.

Watching the stream on either twitch and youtube is also a great way to support! Thanks for everyone watching and chatting on these platforms!

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Joining the discord

My discord is also an amazing way to get some goldmaking information. It is 100% free. You have access to goldmaking screenshots ( to give you inspiration for goldmaking ), goldmaking info for time sensitive goldmaking opportunities and a goldmaking question section where I answer any of your goldmaking questions in a timely manner.

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